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Academic & Research


All of the members of the MHI are keen on training and research.  We believe that we have a responsibility to train the next generation of hand surgeons.  We believe also that such training keeps us fresh and up to date; the students with the least knowledge often ask the most challenging questions.  As all of the members have benefited from training in both orthopaedic and plastic surgery aspects of hand surgery (variously in Birmingham, Leeds, Louisville (U.S.), Manchester and Strasbourg), we are all enthused by training.

Interface fellows in hand surgery

Among the most prestigious posts in training in hand surgery in the United Kingdom are the interface hand fellow training posts.  These are appointed nationally by interview, and competition for the posts is fierce.  They are thus given to the brightest and most promising surgeons in training.

Across the UK 10 hospitals are accredited to offer this training, and of these only three hospitals have two training posts.  The posts that rotate across Wythenshawe and Salford Royal are among these three, and we thus have the privilege of training two hand fellows.  These posts were recently inspected by the national training committee (as all posts are on a regular basis) and were found to be of a high standard.  The majority of our hand fellows have gone on to obtain prestigious posts in hand surgery in teaching hospitals

Teaching and examining

Manchester is something of a power house in education in hand surgery.

Professor Lees was the instigator of the diploma in hand surgery, awarded jointly by the BSSH (British Society for Surgery of the Hand) and the University of Manchester.  Professor Lees, Mr Muir and Mr Naqui have all been examiners for this diploma.  Following on from the diploma the BSSH have introduced an MSc in hand surgery, and Mr Naqui was the first ever recipient of this degree.

In addition, the BSSH runs a series of instructional courses in hand surgery.  These run on a three year cycle.  Mr Muir is the current chairman of these courses.  Mr Naqui is the convenor of the practical master classes that accompany these, and Mr Mishra is the convenor of the examination preparation courses.  This means that all members of the Institute are keeping up to date with the latest thoughts in hand surgery.  All of the Members are lecturers on the courses.

In addition to the British Diploma, the European Board of Hand Surgery host a diploma examination.  This is held in Europe and attracts candidates from across Europe.  Mr Muir is the co chairman of this examination, and Mr Naqui is an examiner.  One of the European centres in which to sit the written examination is at Salford Royal, the only such venue in the United Kingdom.


Research is important for the advancement of all fields of medicine; without this we would still be treating disease as surgeons did in antiquity.  It is also valuable in keeping up to date; to research one has to have a clear understanding of the current state of knowledge.  All members of the MHI are active in research and publish regularly in journals and textbooks, as well as lecturing in the UK, in Europe and overseas.

BSSH appointments.

Professor Lees is past president of the Society, an honour awarded only to the most highly respected hand surgeons in the country, as judged by their peers.



A list of the scientific publications of the members of the Manchester Hand Institute is available here.